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Scavenge Skirmish Survive

Simple Terrain

Alongside the demo board (a multi-level urban area) we are also making a simpler, cheaper and more compact set of terrain. This reflects that while 'eye candy' boards can be inspiring, they can also sometimes appear daunting and what we don't want to do is discourage potential players by giving the impression that a whole lot of winter terrain MUST be invested in, as this is not the case.

The base for this simpler terrain set is a mat, that will roll up for storage.

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - mat

The mat was made from an IKEA off-white fleece blanket, cost about £3, finished as follows:

  1. cut roughly in half for 2' x 4' plus a bit of margin, to be trimmed to size and square after painting;
  2. dabbed all over with a water based gloss varnish to seal and firm the 'play' side (the Plasticote sealant might also do for this: see below);
  3. painted over the dried varnish with white 'domestic DIY' emulsion paint;
  4. overpainted the emulsion with white satin coat intended for interior woodwork, a non-yellowing and water based paint;
  5. sprayed with about half a can of Plasticote MATT (ie not gloss) sealant, a very heavy coat that gives a glassy glisten without the over powering shine of gloss;
  6. when dry, the mat was trimmed straight and square;
  7. as the varnish seemed to have turned the top coat patchy and off-colour, a further coat of the satin white paint was applied.

The end result is soft on the underneath while firm on the top, which helps the mat keep shape when rolled around a carboard tube.

To accompany the mat, set decoration includes dead tree, fences and hedges.

The following is a pre-paint wip shot of a clump of dead trees.

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - trees

The trees are based on regular CDs, finished as follows:

  1. scored the silver side;
  2. hot glued a patch of paper over the centre hole;
  3. cut dried twigs to shape and size then hot glued them in place;
  4. applied runny superglue to the twigs and to the paper patch to stiffen them up (fumes = well-ventilated, outdoors);
  5. sprinkled beach sand to soak up any excess superglue;
  6. applied the snow texture (see Snow page);
  7. painting.

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - trees

The following is a pre-paint wip shot of fences and hedges.

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - fences & hedges

The fences and hedges are based on wooden spatulas, finished as follows:

  1. for the fences, pieces of metal mesh and matchsticks were hot-glued to the wooden spatula, and for the hedges, pieces of foam strip;
  2. hot glue was used to add extra layers and texture;
  3. applied the snow texture (see Snow page);
  4. paint.

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - fence

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - hedge

The end result, a basic terrain set that is:

  1. inexpensive to purchase;
  2. simple to construct;
  3. quick to finish;
  4. compact to store;
  5. readily expandable.

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - simple terrain

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - simple terrain

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - simple terrain

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - simple terrain

Scavenge Skirmish Survive - simple terrain


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