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Scavenge Skirmish Survive


Though the volcanic winter has passed, the weather remains cold with regular snow and wind storms.

There are a number of techniques for creating a snow effect, some of which leave a smooth surface. The method used here is intended to provide a more churned-up look on the mini bases and for footpaths and walkways, while avoiding perfect smoothness elsewhere.

The basic/base solution uses the snow flock available from our webstore at www.miniatureMOJO.co.uk, which is blended with undiluted water resistant wood glue (pva) to create a 'coconut ice' type mix that is then smeared and tamped into place. When dry, this texture is painted with Vallejo Off White acrylic then dabbed and stipled with DIY Pure Brilliant White interior woodwork paint (a water-based Crown Non Drip Satin). Smaller, churned-up items, such as the basing for minis and markers, are then finished/sealed with Revell gloss varnish. For the areas that aren't churned-up, such as wind-blown drifts, between the two coats of paint an additional layer of the undiluted wood glue is dabbed on to roughly level off and generally smooth out (albeit not completely) the peaks.

Due to their relative size, the terrain tiles required a slightly different paint treatment, which is covered on the buildings page.

Scavenge Skirmish Survive character 01

Vehicle in snow

Buildings in snow

Buildings in snow

Another alterative is the application and then painting of Polyfilla (a granular, white-coloured, water-based gap filler for interior walls), as used by Bugsda on the minis that he has painted for us.



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